Email me at the above address for a quote. For a speedy response and an accurate quote, please send the document to be translated and some information about you (first name, last name, company if applicable, postal address, email). I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Pricing depends on the type of service and text. Translations are generally billed based on the word count in the source language (the rate varies depending on how technical the text is). Proofreading and revision are billed by the hour.

  • “Kevin's work is meticulous. He’s clearly well-versed in his areas of expertise and his translations are always exceptionally well-written. He’s got a solid grasp of the nuances of his mother tongue and his working languages.”

    Alessandro A.
  • “Kevin is highly conscientious, easy to reach and very responsive. He has always met our high standards and delivers impeccably translated texts.”

    Nicole K.
  • “As someone who knows all the ins and outs of his native language, Kevin accurately translates the message of the original text, and has a full understanding of the nuances of the source language.”

    Gabriele W.