The services I offer include:

  • Translation of English and German documents into French
  • Revision of German and English translations into French
  • Correction of any French-language document.

Revision here means comparing the entire document and its translation to review it for correctness.

I specialise in economics.

I work with many document formats.

On request I am happy to work with computer-assisted translation software, but I usually translate without it.

In the interests of quality, I may need to ask you questions about the document to be translated. This ensures that I understand the text completely, which is essential to an excellent translation.

You may also send me any useful document that may help in understanding the text, such as brochures and glossaries specific to your industry or business. This helps ensure that all the documents I translate for you use the same terminology. I will of course return these supporting documents to you upon request.

After the translation is finished, I remain available for any corrections or additions if you are not completely satisfied with my work.