The translations are billed by source-language word, in other words by word in the original document, with the word count determined automatically by computer. If this word count is impossible to determine because of the format of the document, the translation will be billed by target-language word, in other words by word in the language of the finished translation.

Revisions and proofreading are billed by the hour.

The translation services vary according to the language of the original as well as the complexity of the translation. Contact me for any further information or to request an estimate.

All formats are accepted. However, there will be an additional charge for documents with complex layouts if their format cannot simply be copied.

The amount of time required and the price are calculated carefully in order to allow for revision of the translation, which ensures quality. Any translation required urgently or sent Friday for delivery Monday is subject to an additional charge.

My translations may be reread or revised by an outside editor upon request.

I am also prepared to take any translation test you may require.